Durable Soffit

Aluminum soffit is used to cover exposed overhangs on the roof and provides ventilation for the attic. Aluminum is used because it has good tensile strength and can be cut to length on the job site with tin snips.

Why Aluminum and Not Vinyl Soffit?

The answer is obvious, vinyl has no tensile strength and when expanding over open areas, it tends to sag if additional support is not added.

Using the correct vented soffit can greatly reduce heat in the attic and increase the life of the shingles.

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Soffit Specifications: 

  • Soffit comes in two designs, Double 6” and Triple 4”.
    • Double 6” is offered in vented or solid.
    • Triple 4” is offered in solid, full vented or center vent.
  • Stock colors available: white, black, royal brown, clay, wicker beige, and light bronze (territone.)
  • They are packed 12 pieces in the case and are 12’ in length.




Durable Soffit by Builders Straight Edge Products




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