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NCCA Standards

Builders Straight Edge uses the NCCA’s standards as guidelines for physical testing.

  • Aluminum used is alloy 3105-H24 or 3105-H26 which meet specifications set forth in the Aluminum Standards and Data, 2006 as published by the Aluminum Association. The finished gauge of products is +/- .002 of published thickness for each product.
  • The surface of the Aluminum Sheet is thoroughly cleaned and dried to remove impurities and coated with a non-cyanide chromate conversion coating.
  • All coated building sheet and associated products are manufactured using 3105 alloy, building sheet grade, consisting of approximately 97% recycled material.
  • The Aluminum coating inside and outside is a thermo-polyester paint which is roll coated and baked per the paint manufacturer’s specifications. The DFT range of the applied coating is .6mil +/-
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