25 Year Limited Warranty

Builders Straight Edge Products roll-formed Aluminum products are warranted to the purchaser for 25 years from the date of installation, the Aluminum products purchased will be free from manufacture defects such as paint peeling, blistering, or cracking. Should such defects occur, products will be replaced at no cost to the homeowner. 

Conditions not covered by warranty are as follows:

  1. Normal weathering is defined as to exposure to sunlight and extremes in weather or atmosphere, such as acid rain, which may cause painted surfaces to gradually fade or chalk.
  2. Product is not warranted where accumulation of surface dirt, tree resin, or stains has been left on the surface, which has caused the pain to fade, crack, or peel.
  3. Product is not warranted from improper installation or improper application.
  4. Product is not warranted from acts of God such as tornadoes, cyclones, lightning, hurricanes, or any catastrophic event as defined by the United States Weather department.
  5. Product is not warranted where exposed to fumes, vapors, or harmful chemicals.
  6. Product is not warranted against acts of vandalism or physical abuse or civil disorder.
  7. Product is not warranted for industrial applications or for use on a motor home.

The warranty card should be filled out within 30 days after application also warranty is transferable upon notification to Builders Straight Edge Products within 30 days of transfer of ownership.

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