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Premium W Valley Flashing

W-Valley is a flashing product that is used where two different roof slopes meet. This helps channel water down the roof and into the gutter.

In recent years to save cost the contractor will try and weave shingles through this valley instead of purchasing aluminum or steel valley. This weaving of shingles may save a few dollars but if someone steps in the valley the shingles will tear. Also if there is leak in a roof this is usually the first area they look at. Keep in mind that there is expansion and contraction in the roof so if the weaving is not correct you will allow water to get under the shingles and into the home.

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W Valley Specifications:

We offer a unique valley in that it is hemmed and ribbed on the long edges for strength and
eliminate a sharp edge that can cut the installer's hands.

  • W-Valley comes in two sizes 20” and 24” widths and in two gauges .019 and .024
  • 20” valley comes only in .019
  • 24” valley comes in .019 and .024
  • All valley come 10’ in length.

Our valley is packaged on a special made pallet to protect product and help in properly storing valley in a rack system.

Generally, we place anywhere from 50 to 150 pieces on a pallet. The exact number depends on the order quantity.

Stock colors: royal brown, musket brown, black, light bronze (territone), mill.

In the .024 gauge we have black, brown and light bronze (territone).




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